Traveling Tallies 

Just a little barista planning her next big adventure. 

Bonjour! I'm Haley Iversen.
Just a senior in college, preparing to throw myself into the real world through travel, writing, and thrill. 

Let me tell you a bit about myself':

Creativity is my outlet. From writing about my travels, to capturing shots of my surroundings, to watercoloring late in the night, my hands and mind are always creating something.

I spent my Junior Year of college studying in Paris, by far the best decision I've ever made. Whether I was getting up early to be the first in line to a new exposition or grabbing a drink with some friends on the Seine, it made me realize the main goal in my life is to make Paris my home. 

So what's the dream?
Ideally, to write and travel the world while doing so. Travel is something that allows you to have freedom you never knew you had nor wanted. Being able to throw yourself into a new culture, a new experience full of lessons. From reviewing the newest 'go to' restaurant, to finding the biggest thrill in the city, I'm working harder than ever to make these dreams into a reality.

​Bon voyage!!

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Aspiring Journalist
My Studies
14 countries visited and counting, I am always out on a new adventure. From climbing Trolltunga in Norway, to spending a summer working on travel journalism throughout Croatia, to weekend trips across Europe, there's always a suitcase close by waiting to be filled. 
At this point, it probably comes to no surprise that writing is my forte. Specifically on travel, or anything in life that catches my eye. If my words can move someone in some way, I'll continue to write, to create, to tell my stories and those around me. 
A college graduate in May 2018 from Le Moyne College in Upstate New York with a Bacheolors Degrees in French Studies and Communications with a concentration in interational relations and journalism.  
About Myself
What's the Objective for traveling-tallies?
I want traveling-tallies to be a place to not only inspire but to really document my life and my travels and guide you guys through this journey. From tips and tricks, to travel, to my top city destinations, to more laid back conversations. This is going to be authentically mine. Lifestyle, travel, style, you name it. It's a journey through my life, hoping to inspire you guys to live your life for you! So what are you waiting for? Let's start this adventure!